The way I work is unique to me and I like to be transparent in my pricing too. So I’m going to be completely honest in how I present my prices to you and how to get the most out of working with me:

I like to have short-term relationships with my clients – by this I mean I like it when we get results fast and you can get on with whatever it is important to you! I’m not like other coaches/healers who are interested in long term relationships in order to have a regular income stream. I’m not like that – I just care about getting you to the place you want to be as quickly as we can so that you can live your life to the fullest!
If you’ve found me I assume you want this too!

Do you want to put the difficult times behind you asap and start along the path of everything you dream of as soon as you can?! When better to start than now?!

My pricing reflects a few things:

1) If you are ready and open I will do everything I can to get you to where you want to be in 3-6 sessions
2) I price a bit higher than average because you need fewer sessions with me than you need with other healers and working together gets you where you want to get to quicker.
3) I want to be affordable but it’s also important to value what is accomplished in each session.
4) What happens in sessions with me: whatever you need, you get: it’s hard to price something like that! For those who have had sessions with me and returned to health and gone on to live a healthy, fulfilling and joyful life – it’s priceless! But in practical terms I want the prices to be affordable!
5) As a rule I do not offer discounts but I do run special offers from time to time so sign up to my newsletter for more info and if you use my services I offer a friends and family discount for anyone you want to gift a session to – it’s a way of spreading the love.

I try to keep prices uniform because the techniques I use can be integrated with each other and so a session may incorporate one methodology or all of them!


Step 1: We have a FREE telephone or Skype call which lasts up to 1 hour. You tell me all about you and what you want from your sessions and I tell you about me and how I work and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Based on our conversation I will be able to advise how many sessions you will require. Usually this is between 3-6 sessions. ** See exceptions below

Step 3: We book these sessions in – usually we would schedule one session per week, but we can discuss this in order to be most convenient for all involved. (Payment is made in advance of the start of the sessions)

Step 4: You get what you want and  you’re very happy! You tell all your friends and family and share your discount code and if you want to be super helpful to others you write me a lovely testimonial for the Happy Angels Page so others can understand what your experience was like!


Most of my clients require 3-6 sessions. But there is an exception to this: If you have had a long-term illness from a young age and are now 40 yrs old or above, there is often more emotional/mental resistance and may require a longer-term relationship. Usually the resistance is around “taking responsibility” and this needs to be healed before any other work can be done. It for this reason that a longer relationship is required. In these cases, following our telephone conversation I will be able to advise if a longer relationship is required and we can decide together if it’s something that feels right for you or not. This is a joint decision because I want to make sure that our working relationship is a healthy one and I will intuitively know if our relationship is a good match.




BLOCK OF 3 SESSIONS £70 x 3 = £210

BLOCK OF 6 SESSIONS £70 x 6 = £420



Here are some examples of conditions and number of sessions required:

  • Crohn’s Disease, Male, Condition duration 10 years (14-24r yrs old) – 5 Sessions
  • Prolapsed Womb, Female, Condition duration 6 months – 3 Sessions
  • M.E, Female, Condition duration 16 years – 3 Sessions (after discovering/understanding the cause of her condition the client decided to take on the rest of the recovery process herself and is now in recovery)
  • New Business Direction, Female, Client wanted to know which new direction to take her business and had a huge financial debt to settle  – 2 hr intensive consultation
  • New Relationship/New Start, Male, Clients long-term relationship had ended and he felt stuck in a career he wasn’t happy in – 3 sessions
  • Soul Split due to trauma, Female, Condition duration 21 years – 2 hour Session (1 x 2hour extended session)