What I have noticed, is that no matter what someone approaches me about initially for help with – maybe it is a health condition, or  “feeling stuck” or difficulty in their relationships, eventually the subject of life purpose always seems to show up. It is kinda inevitable that as you return to health, you start to think more about what you want your contribution to be / what work you will be most happy and healthy in going forward. Not living your life purpose often can be a causal factor for your health. Often ill-health becomes a turning point for changing career direction. For others, even if you know your path, but not really having the direction or energy to be able to truly live that purpose and be successful in your purpose, can be really frustrating, confusing and tiring. So maybe it’s not so surprising that often underlying unhappiness or dis-ease carries with it a desire to know clearly your purpose, your work and your contribution. And to not only know it, but to live it! What is missing? What are your next steps? What internal or external factors are blocking your success? What can you do to move forward and really live “on-purpose” and in alignment with yourself and your work? We can answer all of these questions together and put together a plan/ strategy and get you on that path to success!!

My mind body and spirit approach means that we may cover some of the below in our sessions. Some of these are essential to your work path, but they are also important life skills that will enrich the way you live your life.

  • Acknowledging your unique set of gifts and skills
  • Accepting your path and and why your contribution is needed and valuable
  • Learn to create strong boundaries so that you can focus on your path
  • Learn to say “no” with love to the things that don’t serve your purpose
  • Learn to say “yes” to yourself without guilt
  • Learn to make powerful choices so that your life reflects your inner desires
  • Strengthen your personal power/field so that you are not affected by others negativity
  • Stop being drained by others energy, so you have more energy for yourself
  • How to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s lives
  • How to start taking responsibility for yourself and your path
  • Rid yourself of the fears & guilt that you keep helping others instead of yourself
  • Trusting your inner guidance
  • Believing in abundance and trusting in the Universe to deliver what you need
  • Accepting all parts of yourself (the basis of perfect health)
  • Practical strategies and next steps
  • Transformation of limiting subconscious beliefs
  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Ability to discern your higher knowing/intuition from your Gremlins/Saboteurs/Ego in your mind
  • Learning how to use your fears as a springboard for success
  • Having a lot of fun and laughing alot
  • Self awareness so that you notice when you are acting “out-of-resonance” with yourself
  • Living Authentically
  • Enthusiasm and non-judgement – you receive lots of encouragement from me. I believe in you!
  • If you have health issues we will work compassionately with your body at your own pace so that you are comfortable and enthusiastic but not overwhelmed.

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