I realise that not everyone wants to commit to on-going sessions, so I offer a 2 hour intensive consultation.

I call this the “D-I-Y Option”!

I call it the DIY Option because I am able to offer insight, answers to burning questions, nutritional, physical, emotional, psychological information but I don’t actually offer any specific healing in these sessions.

What I offer is clarity, information and insights and then its up to you what you do with this information. It’s the D-I-Y option!

I offer this option because I know that some people just want confirmations, clarity, insights and then prefer to find their own way with the information provided. I understand that.

I also understand that sometimes no matter how much you desperately want answers or confirmation of something you just can’t seem to get it. It can be frustrating! It can get you stuck. You want to move forward, you want “ANSWERS”!!  I understand the frustration of this! Often we can help others but our own answers elude us!

I’m a channel, psychic and empath and I can see your potential. I can see your path. I can also see the path of your children. I can ask the questions you want answers to and can receive the answers for you. I do this naturally when working with my clients, but I understand that you may not want to have an on-going commitment, so I offer these personal readings as a way to offer you clarity, confirmation and motivation to move forward with whatever your heart desires.

Do you want clarity on an area of your life?

Would you like to know your next steps?

Have you got some burning questions you would like answering?

I work with my guides, your guides, angels, archangels and other spiritual beings to help you with your health, happiness and well-being  on your path.

I am able to tune-in to see how you may be blocking what you wish for yourself and can offer insights in to what internal work or additional help is needed to help you receive that what you wish for with greater ease.

(If after the consultation you decide you’d like some help with what has been offered then you can always speak with me and we can work out some additional sessions, but generally I understand that those who select this option are happy to just have this 2 hour consultation and then go about making the changes themselves.)


Sharon is a very kind and connected healer. She connects to you and is able to read a person holistically and gives you a new insight in to what is going on in your body, mind and soul.

Chloe C

Healer, Tunbridge Wells

The main reason why I’ve enjoyed working with Sharon is that she so clearly loves what she is doing and that enthusiasm, joy, wisdom and love of life ignites that same spark in you.
Claire D

Unemployed, Totnes

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