Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone 1-2-1 to clear your blocks to success in super-fast time?

Help you get your subconscious mind to support  (not sabotage your goals?)

Teach you how to stay on track with your dreams by understanding how your M.B.S works?

Help you to feel and be more confident in your choices and decisions by trusting your own innate wisdom and guidance? To support you as you take courageous action towards your dreams?

I now know my life and soul purpose. I had been really stuck and struggling with that for the past several years…..I learned how to stand in my own power…which felt like an impossible dream.  

Ellison J

Art Therapist

I would recommend Sharon to anyone that has a goal and wants their own personal cheerleader, coach and friend to help them achieve it.  

Terry Bowen


The Benefits of how I work:

  • All the work I do with you is 100% bespoke to you.
  • All the work we do together is based on me tuning-in to your specific needs and requirements
  • I am results orientated so it is absolutely essential that you get results : I’m only happy if you get what you want!
  • I am well known for being the only person that my clients have worked with who asks “what do you want from working with me?” and at the end of each session asking “Have you gotten everything you wanted from this session?” / “Did you get everything you wanted from our work together?” (Just for the record the answer is always “Yes… and more!”)
  • By identifying your needs from the first consultation, it creates a clear path for my clients and it creates accountability in each session.
  • If you work with a regular business coach they won’t have access to your subconscious blocks. Even if they identify the blocks they don’t have the tools to change them. So you can spend months or even years not achieving what you want to achieve.
  • The clarity you get from my “reading” can save you  precious time and money going down the wrong path, working with people who don’t share your motivations and generally delaying achieving the success you deserve now!
  • When you work with me, I teach you about how I work and do things, so you are equipped with how to use these skills when our work together is over. It’s skills you can take into all areas of your life.
  • When I started out as a coach, I got frustrated that my clients could only achieve as much as their sub-conscious would allow them access to and how far the subconscious was willing to go by itself. This was frustrating to me because consciously my clients would desperately want things but subconsciously they were running counter programmes. As I am results orientated,  I set about looking for techniques to help my clients access and change subconscious beliefs as quickly as possible. I found PSYCH-E – which is a great technique that allows us to change subconscious beliefs in minutes. Since learning this technique I’ve adapted this technique to be quicker and easier to identify beliefs and belief strings so that in one session you can change a number of beliefs that can impact all areas of your life – beliefs that you had no idea that you had! This is a very big part of our work together because these subconscious beliefs are what sabotage any good work your conscious mind does – so it’s essential to change your beliefs to ones which are supportive of your goals.


  • I work quickly to pinpoint and heal any other forms of unknown energetic influences including trauma, chords, ancestral interference or past life trauma. You might not know it was there, but once we’ve healed it, although you may not be able to put it into words,  you will start to make different decisions, make more positive choices and will no longer held back by these unseen influencers.
  • There is no limit on what we can work on in order to clear your path forward. I will be able to assess what is needed to be looked at as priorities in our first consultation.
  • If you work with a life/business-coach and separate healer, they won’t know what each has truly worked on you with. By having a coach, healer and mentor all in one, I have intimate knowledge of all areas that bring you and your business into perfect alignment. It makes the process quicker, everything aligns and integrates quicker – which means you feel the difference and get results quicker!

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