Yikes! My first fb live event! It wasn't intended to be live, I was trying to do a video but was thwarted at every turn! So, the Universe has left me no choice but to go live!

Posted by Sharon Lawson on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My First FB Live Event!

I wanted to offer a summary of the themes for 2017, because 2017 has been a difficult year, but when we put it into the framework of the 2 main themes then maybe it all begins to make sense!

The 2 themes of this year have been:

Self-Worth (reclaiming it)

Personal Power (reclaiming it)

There have been some great rewards from reclaiming both of these, but hopefully this video will shed some light on how this shows up in your life and if you haven’t worked on it yet, there is always time to do work on it now!