Knowing, Clarity & Spaciousness

The first step for any kind of transformation is always Awareness. You have to start noticing. You have to become conscious and open. If you aren’t aware of your thoughts, feeling or behaviours then, it’s going to be hard to have clarity, confidence and calm. The outside world is loud and distracting; always looking to get your attention and whilst that can be fun when you want it to be, it’s really not any help getting you the things that truly matter to you. You need space, you need a bit of quiet so that you can learn to appreciate the subtle feelings, the different tone of the thoughts you have, the difference between intuition and ego mind traps. It’s very hard to get clarity when you don’t stop and create a favourable environment. So these knowing sessions are really important. It’s the foundation for all the good stuff you want. Trust me, once you tap into the stuff of the knowing sessions you will never ever want to go back! Why? Because the “old” ways made life unnecessarily difficult, and hey, who doesn’t want an easier life?!

Just some of the things we can cover in the Knowing Sessions:

  • Understanding the way in which the body, mind(ego) and spirit (intuition) was intended to be used and how to put them back into the correct order for your greatest well-being and success.
  • Learning to recognise the voice of your spirit/intuition from the voice of your ego so that you can make better decisions
  • Learning to receive information from your intuition instead of generating an answer from your mind to make better choices
  • Learning to trust the guidance that is received.
  • Answering the question – “but who am I really?” – without the judgements, expectations, projections or limitations of others.
  • Clarity of Purpose – what am I here to contribute in my unique way?
  • Creating Spaciousness in everyday life (the antidote to busyness and stress)
  • Shadow work – Golden shadow (taking ownership of the good stuff) and Dark Shadow (taking ownership of the hard-to-look-at stuff) to create an immense feeling of freedom that allows you to act with confidence without being drawn into drama or have your buttons pushed by others.
  • The Art of Non-Reaction – improving all your relationships!


Getting in touch with your knowing


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