Aligned Action & Acknowledging your Unique Contribution

Many people are busy, many people are taking action – but being busy is not what is needed in order to be a success (even though this is a central lie perpetuated by society, which is why everyone is so exhausted and stressed all the time!). What is needed for success, is Knowing Aligned Action. In the past, we could have gotten away with taking lots of action and hoping that the one that was aligned would just work out for us, but the energy in the world has changed and those of us wanting to create solutions, innovate and change the world for the better now can’t afford to waste time and energy on dead-ends. Indeed the Universe won’t let us! So, now we have to take aligned action – because anything that isn’t aligned is not going to work out for us, so you might aswell spare yourself the time and energy! If you’ve been running into a lot of dead-end recently, that’s the sign from the Universe that you’ve been trying to go in the wrong direction. Sorry. Aligned action is really where it’s at now.

Just some of the things we can cover in the Aligned Action Sessions:
  • Ensuring that all goals, strategies, mission and vision are all in perfect harmony and alignment to avoid wasting your valuable time and energy going down dead-ends.
  • Creating and trusting your unique message based on your unique skill configuration.
  • Acknowledging your niche (yes, it’s much better this way!)
  • Bringing Presence into your work and business for the well-being and betterment of all.
  • Practising the tools for staying conscious and in alignment in the face of distraction, disappointment, stress and misunderstanding.
  • Practising resilience and staying conscious in working relationships
  • Learning the power of surrender, trust and letting go of outcomes.
  • Taking consistent Knowing Aligned Action even when your mind says not to.
  • Becoming a role-model to others for Presence in Business.

I'm ready for success!

Just some of my skills & qualifications

Each session is unique and bespoke to your needs. I have a wealth of experience and skills to draw on to help you. I often blend or modify techniques to get the fastest and best results for my clients.

  • Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor & Practitioner
  • Self-Power Practices (these are my unique processes
  • Business Development Advisor/ Career Alignment Specialist/ Brainstorming Sessions
  • PSYCH-K Facilitator
  • CTI- trained Coach
  • Sound Healing and Tuning Forks Therapy
  • Manifestation Teacher
  • Morphic Field Resonance techniques
  • CV Writing Service
  • And much more….