The Services that I offer reflect the 4 Key Areas required for health, happiness, purpose and success:


K – Knowing – Teaching you how to access your inner knowing (being able to recognise your intuition from your ego), how to create spaciousness to create responses that serve your highest good (not reactions that sabotage them) learn how not to defer to others expectations, limitations, fears that get in the  way of you achieving success.

C – Clearing – The Clearing away of the untruths you’ve collected over time that limit you and create doubt, changing beliefs, removal of ancestral and past life influences, energetic chords, resolution of trauma from childhood still held in the body/ energy field and learning to let go of what doesn’t serve your highest good and goals. Health issues also come under this remit.

R – Restoring – Restoring the truth of your Being, recognising your Self-Worth is yours and yours alone, learning to take back your power from people, concepts, ideas and untruths (this is a biggie and essential!) know thy true self, knowing your true purpose and therefore re-aligning with your purpose and contribution. Health issues also come under this remit.

AA – Aligned Action – No more going round and round in circles of effort followed by disappointed. Society is obsessed with “doing” but you will be learning how “being-doing” gets you further faster! Llearning how to take Knowing Aligned Action, learning to focus on your path and not being distracted by the actions or intentions of others. Walking your unique path with joy, peace and love.

From the categories above you might be able to identify which areas you would like support and growth in.

Or you might want a bit of a check-in with all categories just to make sure your foundation is solid across the board.

What I have discovered over the years is that the sub-conscious mind is a tricky little devil, because it’s “sub” you’re not always aware what it’s up to, so I always recommend clearing and restoring as a bare minimum, just to make sure that we can bring the hidden up into our awareness for checking and restoring.

What you feel you need, is up to you of course, but I’m here to help you with all of this, so if you would like to have a chat and would like my input/ assessment of which areas might be a priority, I’m happy to do that too!

Or for the super committed – there is always my 12 month mastery programme which is coming soon! 12 months seems like a long time, but the benefits of the work will not take that long, the programme is built in a way to work thoroughly through each category to create the strongest foundation for success.


Which of the 4 Categories could help you get you what you want the fastest?