Most people don’t talk about Self-Worth.

We as a society are kinda ok with talking about Self-Confidence, but not Self-Worth.

Most people might admit, that they could be more Confident in certain areas of their life.

But most people, when asked about their Self-Worth (and I have asked) like to think that their Self-Worth is pretty good.

Some people might even think that Self-Confidence and Self-Worth are interchangeable as concepts. But Self-Confidence is not the same as Self-Worth.

Self-Worth is what I call an Essence-state. Self-Confidence is a Mind-state.

Much like Joy is an Essence-state and Happiness is a Mind-state. What is the difference? Mind-states are where your mind thinks it has to get or do something to achieve that state. Essence-states are spiritual and so there is no doing or getting, they arise naturally and you don’t need anything to achieve them.

And Yet….. our clever little minds tend to tell us otherwise! Our minds through our experiences starts to add conditions to our Self-Worth.

It starts to say things like – “Of course I’m Worthy of Love (as long as I am behaving in a loving way and then I am worthy to be loved. If I am acting poorly then, no I’m not Worthy of Love) or “Of course I am Worthy of Success (as long as I work really hard, day and night… what I am doing now doesn’t seem enough so currently no, I’m not sure I am worthy of success).

Of course, this is all in your SUB-CONSCIOUS. You might not know it’s there.  But trust me, these little conditions are quietly and stealthily attached to our Self-Worth.

So, is there anything we can do to remove these conditions attached by the mind? Can we press “reset” and restore our Self-Worth to it’s pristine original essence state?! The good news is YES WE CAN!!

I have created a unique process which is simple but powerful. It transforms self-worth and removes the conditions instantly!  And it FEELS GREAT! Everyone I have worked with using this process feels fabulous having done this process!

The Benefits:

  • Greater Self-Confidence aswell as Self-Worth
  • Better decision-making because you know your worth
  • Better discernment in working relationships
  • Less procrastination because there is no fear of being unworthy
  • Becoming more pro-active – the things that used to scare you are not so scary and so you take positive action more easily!

If this is something you would like to explore as stand-alone sessions, the  minimum commitment is between 2 sessions. All sessions are 1 hour long and can be taken in quick succession (i.e no gap is required between sessions, but you may prefer to split the sessions according to your preference, we can discuss this).

Session Price: £100 per 1 hr session

Minimum Commitment is a block of 2 Sessions – Total £200.

Maximum Commitment is a block of 4 Sessions – Total £400.