What 2018 has taught me…

I don’t know about you but 2018 has been memorable by how challenging it has been. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with challenges, I’m used to challenges, I often welcome challenges with open arms… but this year it’s like the Universe was trying to figure out if I had a breaking point. The good news is that it seems like I’m made of elastic – I bounce, I don’t snap. And if I’m completely honest, whenever I hit a big challenge this year, the most important tool I had internally was the ability to put things into perspective – so although it’s been a challenging year, I certainly have remained grateful for everything I have and have bounced back from every challenge with as much grace and acceptance as I could muster!

This year has taught me some really big lessons that I am genuinely very grateful for but it’s not been easy…

We’re moving from 3D living to 5D living and the hardest part of this for me has been that (I don’t mean to boast but) I had 3D living down pat! I had created a life of ease, joy and yeah mostly peace… but then the Universe changed all the rules on me! Everything I had ever done to create a nice easy life – stopped working. It was like having the rug pulled out from beneath me . Like I was sitting on the floor crying like a toddler hoping someone would pick me up, offer some soothing words and teach me how to walk again. It’s like the Universe had gone on holiday and hadn’t left any instructions on how to do anything. To say I was feeling abandoned and unloved by the Universe which in-turn lead to anger ….is an understatement. I must confess, I took swearing to a new level this year (.. ahem… the necessary step before grace and acceptance kicked in!) 

But luckily, I realised that the Universe’s was asking us to evolve to an even better way of being and if I needed to learn anew then I was going to have to get on-board and be an eager student! I love to learn, so although it’s been frustrating, I’m all in with effortless 5D Living ! …I just need to practice with the new instructions!

So, here are 20 of the most important things I have learnt this year  – (BTW – I kicked and screamed my way to some of these, so don’t imagine it was all pretty!)

  1. Don’t push. It might feel good at the time but what you are pushing for is probably not in your best interests anyway. When you feel like pushing, instead, stop and ask yourself “how could I be gentle with this?” Gentle is powerful. Don’t underestimate it.
  2. Stop trying manifest “stuff/circumstances” it doesn’t work that way anymore, the new way is to be the space that allows all possibilities (without judgement) and that which is aligned to you, will reveal itself, then allow that to be. “Manifestation” was just a stepping stone in your understanding, this “new way” is really co-creation and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll realise how you wasted so much energy on what is actually effortless!
  3. The Universe is insisting on perfect alignment for all those in helping professions / light-workers – the bodge-jobs that gave us moderate success is not good enough anymore, we’re being asked to find our perfect alignment – anything short of that is just not going to cut it anymore – but this also means a deeper level of healing is required to come into resonance with what is meant for you.
  4. We are all just playing roles for each others spiritual evolution. I knew this in theory before but this year I had actual experience that: the identity of the small “self” is just like an actor playing a role in a film, it looks real in the temporary and draws us in, but in the eternal, it’s just a fabrication created for the fun of experience. There really is little advantage of being attached to our temporary identities – the ego just uses this attachment to cause havoc.
  5. The kind of behaviour someone exhibits directly reflects their level of consciousness .
  6. The kind of behaviour someone exhibits directly reflects the amount of unresolved pain/trauma they are still holding.
  7. All illness is the accumulation of untruths, all healing is the restoration of the Truth (love).
  8. Too many people believe that what they are sharing on social media has some innate value even if what they are sharing is negative unhealed bile, unhealed pain or false identity and it really is very unhealthy as a society to humour this and give it a platform… airing our feelings does not automatically resolve them – actual healing work needs to be undertaken in order to heal. Social media is not healing it only gives the ego temporary comfort which leads to the addiction for attention as a distraction from our pain rather than resolving it.. We need to provide real healing for the huge amounts of trauma everyone is carrying around with them if we are going to truly help people move forward.
  9. There are too many words in the world. We need less words and more silence (Yes, even I am quieter as a person. Yes. Me).
  10. People want the truth, but the people in “authority” only speak lies that their egos tell them.
  11. I refuse to use the incorrect usage of the word “power”  anymore- power is spiritual and comes from radiating love, peace and joy within. What society calls “power” is actually the misuse of authority, status or title.. We need to reclaim Power for it’s true meaning and give a platform to those who have it.
  12. If we want society to change for the better (survival and thriving of all of humanity, all sentient beings and the planet) we have to start younger before the indoctrination of untruths becomes too fixed.
  13. If we want society to change for the better (survival and thriving of all of humanity, all sentient beings and the planet) we have to re-organise society based on our shared values not the values of capitalism alone whose only value is “more”  which is translated into “the accumulation of wealth at all costs” – the cost is too high to allow this to continue.
  14. If we want society to change for the better (survival and thriving of all of humanity, all sentient beings and the planet) we have to really start believing in “all means all – no-one is left behind”  – the sooner we recognise that Unity Consciousness is the destination of humanity the sooner we recognise that this is a shared goal that we can all work towards.
  15. The Divine Feminine is rising! I channelled a sentence about 2 years ago; “ So far the story of the world has been how men have ruled the world, but now the story is going to be how women healed the world.” Never has there been a year in my lifetime where I have prouder of my fellow women for taking action, taking a stand and creating change. The Divine Feminine is rising – it’s about time – the world needs us!
  16. Whenever I experience real difficulty, it’s usually because I’ve asked the Universe to teach me something, but I have forgotten I’ve asked and then I get hit over the head with challenges and feel like I’m been unfairly picked-on by the Universe until I realise that the Universe has delivered me lots of experiences to offer me the opportunity to evolve what I asked for. So I try to remember this sooner now. If something isn’t going well, I have to hold my hands up and say, “well I did ask for it!” Damn me and my constant asking the Universe to help me be a better version of myself!!”
  17. Since discovering the joy of clearing trauma from your energetic field using tuning forks – I have to say one thing I have learnt is … “Shiiite… there is so much crap we’ve got stuck in our energy field! We really have to help more people clear their energetic fields! There is so much negative energy stuck in  there!”
  18. We really need to talk more about childhood trauma – not just the big stuff but the small stuff. It’s a conversation we can have without blaming parents, so let’s start having this conversation more – we are holding too much negative energy in our fields people!
  19. Energy healing – we need to incorporate light, colour and sound – all vibrational work needs to be blended from now on.
  20. When you heal something from your past – it completely and utterly vanishes from your conscious awareness. It’s like it never existed in the first place. It leaves no trace. If only more people knew that, I think people might be more willing to face their pain – because healing your pain  that you’ve been carrying around with you for ages is so draining, so heavy, so easily triggered that it colours all parts of your life but if you completely heal something it creates a sense of internal peace unrivalled by anything else you can do in life. I experienced this in a big way in 2018 and I know I have another biggie in transition already for 2019. See you on the other side!