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I am a Quantum Touch Certified  Level 1 Instructor and Practitioner and I offer in-person or distance healing sessions over Skype or Phone. At it’s essence, Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness and heal injuries quickly and painlessly. But it is so much more than that! The underlying basis for all of my work is Quantum Touch because what QT provides is a method of raising and maintaining a high vibration.

At this higher vibration, the impossible becomes possible.

All the services I have developed use the higher vibration as it’s basis because at the higher vibration all processes become effortless and quick. It’s the higher vibration that facilitates the transformation of the mind and body.

Before each session I always ask “how can I be of greatest service to this wonderful soul” and the healing that happens is always perfect for where you are and what you need right now, whether it be in the physical, emotional, mental or energetic body.

When at a higher vibration, I always ask your body’s own intelligence “So what’s really going on? What’s this condition really about?” and we are able to understand your condition better and what is needed to heal.

Often a “healing statement” will come through – which is like an affirmation that the body needs to heal. Or it can offer advice on what it needs nutritionally or what actions you can take to aid the healing outside of the session.

I work with a large variety of people, including people with physical pain, long-term multiple health conditions, childhood abuse, people who have difficulty letting go of the past and move on, people who want clarity about their future/life purpose… at the higher vibration we can help to heal all these things and more.


We can explore any physical, emotional or mental state together and bring about healing. 

Quantum Touch sessions can provide so much more than just relief from physical conditions (although it does this amazingly well!), the wisdom that you hold within you becomes unlocked and you can gain so much insight into your life too. You can discover the answers to some of your most elusive questions.

By speaking directly with your subconscious mind we can find and change subconscious beliefs which sabotage your health, wellness and life choices.

I am also able to heal past life injuries and remove energetic or ancestral chords that may be keeping you from moving forward with your health, happiness or direction in life.

The difference between Quantum Touch and Traditional Medicine:

  • QT work at the subatomic and atomic level (from the inside out), Traditional Medicine works at the system level (from the outside in).
  • QT requires no chemicals, pills, casts, equipment, Traditional Medicine uses drugs, creams and physical supports in order to encourage symptoms to change.
  • QT is painless and quick acting most people* require only 6 sessions and see significant improvements/pain relief in the first session, Traditional Medicine is slow acting (meaning a course of treatment can take weeks or months to see any improvement).
  • QT can accurately diagnose the condition because it is the body speaking directly to the practitioner, Traditional Medicine uses a large amount of guesswork based on what they imagine the body is doing depending on the displaying symptom and various test results or intrusive investigations.
  • QT is conducted in my private therapy room in my home or via Skype and clients enjoy their sessions, it’s a great opportunity to relax and allow the body to heal at the same time and because it is non-intrusive there is nothing to worry about and can relax in a peaceful environment and let their body do what it needs to heal without interruption. Traditional Medicine often provides clinical, uncomfortable, sometimes scary environments which puts the body into high alert so it cannot relax, creating an added level of stress which can be detrimental to the test results and the body.



PLEASE NOTE: All healing sessions must be booked in a block of 6. This is because 6 sessions are usually sufficient for short-term complaints. If you cannot pay for 6 Sessions in one block then please speak to me about paying in instalments. For longer-term conditions, I will assess how many sessions will be required and will discuss this with you during your free consultation and you can choose how you wish to proceed.

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