Why is your life-purpose important?

 Life purpose is more than just a career path. It’s about recognising your natural talents and using these to bring value to others. It gives your work meaning. It reflects what’s important to you. It is the source of your motivation and  makes you feel fulfilled.. and guess what you’re naturally good at it – so it’s relatively easy for you! Don’t settle for just a job or career, you’re so much more than that. You deserve so much more than that.

You’ve got AMAZING skills and BRILLIANT ideas and you want to share them with the world – I get it!

You really want your business to have IMPACT and SHARE YOUR VISION for a healthier, happier, fairer world – I get it!

You like to do things YOUR OWN WAY – I can tell that you have lots of ideas about how to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY – me too!

You really do have a UNIQUE slant on things, you want to make a VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION to your field and you have a lot to offer your clients – I can tell you are PASSIONATE!

Honestly, it brings me the greatest joy to help heart-centred businesses and talented people like you, get CRYSTAL CLEAR on their UNIQUE contribution, purpose, vision, mission, business values and strategy in order to reach more clients, help more people and model for others what healthy, vibrant, joyful success looks like!


Do you recognise yourself in any of these 3 categories?

Is this you? Which of the below most accurately describes where you are in your work right now?

If you have answered “yes” to any/ alot of these questions, then I would love to help and support you in your process of discovering everything you need to walk the path of your unique purpose and success!


Do you get the feeling you’re meant to be doing something else? (Knowing)

  • But you just don’t know what?!
  • Having this uneasy feeling that you are not on the right path/ in the right career and it is starting to get really uncomfortable and it’s beginning to drive you a bit mad?
  • This feeling just won’t go away no matter how much you try?
  • You feel like if you had a clear answer /direction you would know in yourself that it was right and would be prepared to make changes to your career?
  • But you feel stuck as you don’t have a clear answer?
  • You wish someone could just tell you what your true career/ life purpose was and cut out all the not-knowing?!
  • You’ve had some hunches over the years but the changes you would have to make seemed a bit drastic on the basis of a hunch, so you’ve never followed through on them?
  • If you just had clear information you would follow it?
  • You don’t enjoy your job but you enjoy the security, pay and familiarity?
  • You’re scared of loss of status, salary, “starting again” at this stage of your life?
  • You want to love your work – you’ve heard of people who love their work, you want to be one of those people?

Are You Self Employed?
(Clear & Restore)

  • You are qualified, passionate and want to help others?
  • You have a small number of clients but would like more?
  • You would like a more consistent flow of clients?
  • You would like your work to be more impactful?
  • You love your work but are uncomfortable marketing yourself?
  • You’ve tried seminars, webinars and paid money for magic marketing formulas but none have worked or felt authentic at the point of application?
  • You like meeting and talking to people but hate selling?
  • You know that you and your work is special but you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd?
  • You procrastinate alot when it comes to “putting yourself out there”?
  • You love the work you do, but you have a big fear of “being seen” and the 2 don’t seem to go together!
  • You wish you had someone you could trust who is intuitive too and who understands you completely who could just help you get you on track with your business as quickly as possible.




Are you a small Business? (Aligned Action)

  • You have a small team and know your field of work well?
  • You’ve been in business a while but at times the clients are still a bit elusive?
  • You are passionate about your work, but you’ve lost a bit of motivation, direction or energy recently?
  • You were clear about your market and marketing and it was successful for a while but something is not quite working out and you don’t know why?
  • Your clients/customers love what you do, but you’ve not been able to take your business to the next level ?
  • You’re not making the kind of money you had hoped to and it’s creating a bit of lack of confidence in the future of the business?
  • You wonder if you need a change in focus, offering, pricing or strategy but it’s hard to look at these objectively?
  • You are a heart-centred business and prefer to use your intuition and guidance to help you get back into the flow but you’re a bit too close to the subject and you feel stuck and wish there was a quick way to get you back on track?
  • You wish there was another heart-centred business out there to help you!



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