What’s it like to work with me?

I work with clients in Europe, the US and New Zealand: distance is not a barrier to us working together! We can use Skype, Messenger, Zoom or telephone and nothing is lost over the distance. That’s one the great benefits of this work, because working with energy means that distance is no obstacle…. it just helps if we have a good video connection!

Here are what some of my angels have to say about their experience of working with me.

Sharon Lawson is everything you would want in a coach. Her approach is gentle and intuitive, she has the knack of figuring out what it is a person might really want without them having put it into words. Yet there’s nothing airy-fairy about her coaching, you’ll come away with a solid plan, a map of where you’re heading, what you need to do and when to do it. This combination makes her particularly useful for creative types. She draws from many different modalities, but is highly trained in conventional coaching. She is also tremendous fun.” Anita Chaudhuri

Feature Writer, Psychologies Magazine, London

Being a coach myself, I am not easily coached!  I know how to help people, but I am often not one that can easily be helped.  I went into the partnership with Sharon, because I felt as though she would be able to help me.  Sharon knew what I was looking for, and helped me to really achieve my goal. Every time Sharon answered the phone, it was so light and fun, that it put me at ease!  I loved how I wasn’t chatting to a coach or someone doing it by the book, I was chatting with someone who really wanted me to succeed in my project, and when I was ready to give it up, it was nice to have someone believe in me and know that I could do it.  Otherwise, I would have never completed the project!

I would recommend Sharon to anyone that has a goal and wants their own personal cheerleader, coach and friend to help them achieve it.  Sometimes we forget that we can do anything we set our minds to and Sharon really helped me, and I am sure she can help you too! Terry Bowen

Medium and Coach, London

Sharon is an insightful and intuitive coach; and I really felt that that she took the time to tailor our sessions specifically to meet my needs and objectives.

I actually started coaching with a fairly linear goal which Sharon helped me to break down constructively and usefully, and through her questioning and challenges on my thought process, I quickly understood that there were many dimensions to explore in what I was looking to achieve.

My sense of self-awareness heightened as I began to see possibilities and options that were available to me, many of which I would never have considered before were it not for the coaching experience.

Sharon strikes exactly the right balance of qualities in someone I’d look to as a coach – motivational but sensitive, straight talking where she needs to be but intuitive enough to tell when the dialogue between us might indicate that there could be a deeper issue to deal with.  She was also fantastic at elaborating on the rationale behind her suggestions and explaining why the brain processes things as it does – which really appealed to my logical side.

I discovered that most of the answers are within – Sharon really helped me to tune into my inner voice and to trust it more, and I must say that the difference that realisation made to my entire outlook on life was quite amazing.  Sharon is a great laugh too, straight talking, funny and practical and you can always speak entirely frankly with her; so the sessions were fun.

I would highly recommend Sharon – she has so much energy and enthusiasm for what she does and that really stands out when you work with her.  You don’t get the impression that this is “just the job” for her – she is a consummate professional who is genuinely tuned into and cares about the journey that you are taking together through the coaching process. Reeta N

Division Solicitor, London

Working with Sharon has been life-changing in so many ways.  I’ve had coaching and intuitive healing sessions and both were excellent.

Sharon’s approach is no nonsense and results-oriented.  Whatever you need help with, if you’re prepared to work hard and be open-minded, you’ll find great benefits from sessions.  Sharon will bring perspective and strategy to long-term troublesome situations and change how you think about yourself and the world.

Sharon’s healing techniques get right to the heart of whatever issue is bothering you.  She’s so accurate that it can be confronting, but she’ll gently guide you through ways to deal with whatever it is that comes up for healing, bringing new awareness and practical skills.

Sharon’s honest, caring approach is tailored to each client and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better.

Sally B

Writer & publicist, Plymouth

What can I say about Sharon’s sessions: phenomenal! Sharon is a channel as well as a healer. A very special practitioner indeed. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and had initially come to these sessions with an intention of a very personal nature. Sharon’s approach was very gentle yet overwhelmingly powerful; resonating still today. Leaving me with a truckload of stuff to research, investigate and stew over. Having no idea what was involved with the practice of Quantum touch I was blown away by the impact of each session with her. After talking more about quantum touch with Sharon I realised that actually her sessions are far more than just quantum touch. A real clearing of long held and mostly subconscious energy occurred. I feel elevated, lifted with a much clearer sense of perspective and a lot more positivity. I am a new woman thanks to my sessions with Sharon. Vivienne H

Artist, California

I was hesitant to first try Quantum touch because I didn’t know much about it but I trusted that Sharon would be able to help and her thorough explanations made a lot of sense and were able to allay any concerns about doing this over Skype.
I found the first session quite challenging but I think it knocked me out of a stuck place.
It has been a time of great change for me in the last few months and I think the QT sessions were a hugely positive factor in allowing me to move happily through those changes. Ian M

Yoga Instructor, London

When I contacted Sharon, I was lost and stuck in an awful cycle of years of M.E symptoms. She understood me and my needs and supported me on my journey of transformation. I connected with her spiritually and I felt safe and empowered. Sharon is truly an Earth Angel! Thank you so much. Karen B

Energy Healer , Kent

I’d never really thought about working with a coach but when a friend recommended Sharon I thought why not give it a go? It turned out to be a great decision. Sharon is open, friendly and insightful and really helped me clarify what I was going to do next and how I was going I was going to get there. Although we were talking about my career, Sharon took the time to get to know me and helped me to see myself differently and how I could use my strengths to get where I wanted to go. Coaching is a fantastic process and I can’t recommend Sharon highly enough. If you’ve ever wanted someone to focus on you and help you get the life you want, Sharon is the person to do it E Bohm

Entrepeneur, London

Sharon has great intuition as a coach, which helps enormously to tap into unexplored areas of whatever I’m dealing with. It keeps our sessions alive and exciting, and it usually means that we explore territory which I wouldn’t otherwise have accessed. I love being coached by Sharon because she is always non-judgmental, incredibly supportive, and she keeps our sessions fun, which helps me to relax and really open up, which is a great gift when being coached! Many, many thanks, Sharon. Dennis S

Coach and Translator, Amsterdam

The main reason why I’ve enjoyed working with Sharon is that she so clearly loves what she is doing and that enthusiasm, joy, wisdom and love of life ignites that same spark in you.
She reminds you that life can be fun, enjoyable and fascinating and that your “problems”, “obstacles”, “blocks”, “issues” are actually stimulating gifts for her to unravel and reconfigure in creative, innovative and inspiring ways.  I never know what will happen in a session with Sharon but I do know it will be stimulating, interesting and will expand my understanding and awareness of myself and of my life.
Claire D

Unemployed, Totnes

My name is Claudia I live in Amsterdam and work with kids. On a work day with the kids we were playing a game and I fell and broke my ankle. 3 days after this event I posted my situation on a spiritual website and asked if someone could help me heal my ankle.  Sharon was the only one who responded and without too many questions she wrote that she is going to help me and take away the pain.  She started immediately.  My pain went from a rating of 9 (which was alot of pain) to a 3 (slight pain). I felt at ease. Too bad I had to be operated on. I guess I did not put out my request clearly enough or else I’m sure that would not have been necessary. Sharon has a gift and I’m glad she gave me a gift of a painless time during my injury. Thanks again Sharon..”


Teacher, Amsterdam

Over the course of 6 sessions Sharon has totally opened my eyes to the gifts which I never truly understood, until now. Understanding and knowing who you are is completely paramount in the journey to become who you know you can be. Sharon has the key! A truly beautiful person with the power to match. Tristan S

Plumber, Plymouth

I was recommended Sharon through a friend who I noticed had an amazing affect on her life and looked and was, so well !
I knew that whatever Sharon had to give that it would be right for me as I felt that I didn’t know what to do next, my health was not good and my body was shutting down (which took me off my crutches and into a wheelchair)!
Sharon is amazing person and understood my worries etc – I felt I could open up and not feel judged in any way! After our first 2 sessions I knew there was an amazing shift in consciousness! I started to see the world differently and her affirmations that she gave me had a profound affect!
I had found the old me again and realised that I could step up to my calling !
It is an incredible journey of discovery, the realisation of who you are and your purpose in life ! Lots made so much sense!
I would definitely recommend Sharon to anyone who feels they have lost their way, looking for that missing piece of the puzzle and ready to live life to the full!! (Which sometimes means, leaving, forgiving and letting go of the past and moving on).
Was an amazing experience and one that I so wished I had done earlier ! Living and not just existing!! New adventures await !!
Thank you so much Sharon
Sharon T

On the road to be being a healer, Cornwall

I originally started working with Sharon to get some clarity around some long-term health problems I was having and hopefully shift some energy to facilitate some healing. I got that and so much more!

I now know my life and soul purpose. I had been really stuck and struggling with that for the past several years.  We changed an attraction pattern to resolve an old behaviour pattern that I was stuck in & was not serving me. I learned how to stand in my own power…which felt like an impossible dream. I’ve been able to quit all my meds (that the Doctors said I would have to be on the rest of my life).

Sharon has been a delight to work with and is very generous with her many gifts and talents. Ellison J

Art Therapist, Seattle, USA

I just wanted to thank you to Sharon for the support I have received.
Having lived with ME/CFS since diagnosis in 2004 I have struggled to maintain any kind of normality in my personal, social and working life. I had tried the Lightning Process, CBT, NLP, pacing, acupuncture and gave up my job but nothing provided me with a sustainable solution to my illness. I was on a rollercoaster of wellness followed by crashes which would have me in bed for weeks and months. I had no social life as I would always crash just before a event, so I stopped planning outings as I was having to ‘save myself ‘ to ensure I could fulfill daily tasks.
After coming across Sharon through her Plymouth Women in Business Talk I found the initial conversation we had so enlightening, so much so that I knew I wanted to work with her. To be honest I was concerned about the cost of a course but realised that it was an investment in myself and that I deserved it in fact I believe that was my first step in recovery. I was concerned about sessions via the internet as I know I struggle using the computer. I really appreciated being able to have my first 2 sessions ‘face to face’ after which I was shocked how well I took to online meetings!
I found my sessions with Sharon engaging and fulfilling. She is so knowledgeable and is able to relate theory to practice readily. I enjoyed how we were able to focus on my daily experiences and provide solutions. The steps to building up the practice were very helpful and a logical process. I began to respond quickly, actually after that initial conversation. As my positivity, joy and knowledge grew so my health improved to the point that I was able to say “I no longer have ME”. This was highlighted when I was able to successfully deal with an incredibly stressful challenge that normally would have had me crashing and bed bound.
With Sharon’s help I have completely adapted how I live my life in small but powerful ways. I have created healthy habits and developed a structure that works for me which is both manageable and achievable to ensure that I maintain my new found wellness.
I would happily recommend you to others living with ME/CFS.
Thank you, Sharon for giving me the opportunity to get my life back.
Joanna S

Self-Employed , Cornwall

I suffered with Crohn’s disease for 10 years and have been through many different medications and alternative treatments without alleviating my symptoms. So I began sessions with Sharon and instantly noticed an improvement in my well being and happiness. She is a unique healer and her approach is gentle but very effective. I found it incredible how she could tap into my subconscious and discover any underlying issues and what my body is asking for to heal. We were able to build a connection and work together to help find the cause of my suffering and work on curing it. Sharon is vibrant, funny and very easy to talk to. I felt the sessions were not rushed and that she has an incredible passion for what she does. I can’t recommend Sharon highly enough and thanks to her help and guidance I believe I can now achieve all my dreams, goals and relationships that I was unable to focus on before Suraj K

Business Owner, Leicester

Sharon is a very kind and connected healer. The work she does is a very gentle process. She connects to you and is able to read a person holistically and gives you a new insight in to what is going on in your body mind and soul.

She gave me great clarity in to a problem that I have been struggling and suffering with for the past twelve years. Due to a serious accident I had whenever I looked in the mirror, I did not recognise the person I looked at.

In just one session she was able to connect me with a part of myself that has been missing, and enabled me to integrate with that part of myself again.

It is a complete miracle, and now I feel more connected and stable within myself. I feel calmer and I finally after all these years recognise the person I’m looking at in mirror.

Energetic work may not be understood in our culture, but it is very effective and fast way of changing and becoming a full/more rounded and whole version of yourself. All you need is an open mind.

Working with Sharon you’re very supported and listened to and she explained everything to me and made me feel very safe and supported. If you are ready to evolve then I would highly recommend her to help you. Chloe C

Healer, Tunbridge Wells

The thing that I love about Sharon Lawson as a coach is that she is an immensely powerful and challenging coach who wouldn’t let me off the hook from my greatness, yet who is very playful, laughs easily and finds the joy in everything. Sharon is extremely insightful and intuitive, often picking up on things that I simply wasn’t aware of…there were more than a few “A-HA” moments. She often offered a completely different perspective that was empowering and got me into action. Unlike many life coaches, Sharon focuses on the quality of your life and your vision and encourages you only to take the very best actions that will take you where you want to go and make sure you enjoy the process en-route. She really is about the bigger picture of your life, focusing on what truly is going to fulfil you and then holds that agenda and belief in you even when you can’t.

I am quite a tough client, knowing my own mind, where I want to go and having very strong ideas of how to get there. Sharon was great at challenging me at exactly the right times and being persistent while not being attached to her perspective. She opened my eyes to new ways of being that have immensely enriched my life as well as helping me achieve many of the intentions that I set. Sharon is also very open hearted and compassionate and was very good at getting me to ease up, stop beating myself up and getting to know myself better.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who needs a coach with a lot of depth and a strongly spiritual approach, anyone who doesn’t just want life of achieving and acquiring stuff but really wants to love their life, find their purpose and live a life of meaning. She can work with anyone, but if you need the big guns, hire Sharon. Krish Surroy

Executive Coach & Soul Caller, Brighton

I asked Sharon for some Quantum Touch healing sessions after I started having problems with my right foot and was diagnosed with a condition called metatarsalgia. I was finding it difficult to walk, a searing pain would shoot through the ball of my foot when I put weight on it and I was concerned about my future prognosis. I had been to see a podiatrist who had felt surgery might be my only hope long term, but he explained this would be a painful process with no guarantee of a positive outcome. This was not a cheery prospect! I came to Sharon as I was very keen to avoid any surgical interventions and was intrigued with the idea of using healing energy to help my body heal itself. I had two sessions with her over Skype, and I have to admit to begin with I was a little skeptical as to how the healing would work over this distance. However I was amazed at the energy I felt moving through my body at different points during our sessions and how positive and relaxed I felt for the days following. More importantly, my pain levels fell from 7 out of 10 to non-existent, much to my podiatrist’s surprise, and they remain non-existent today. Hilary L

Life Coach and NHS Counsellor, Kent

Sharon has a direct, straight to the heart of the matter approach to healing which is refreshing – I would definitely recommend her! Izzy R

Therapist, Totnes Devon