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When I first look at a CV, I can tell within 30 seconds if the CV is good and if the applicant is a real contender. It doesn’t matter what the job, market or what the experience.  I can tell in 30 seconds and so can all other recruiters. A Good CV or rather an EXCEPTIONAL CV that guarantees you an interview, is easy to spot. How can I be so sure? 4 Essential ingredients:

  • Confidence
  • Understanding what the reader needs to know quickly
  • Effort put into the CV
  • Builds Trust

So how do you know if your CV is one of the exceptional ones?

Answer the following questions:

Does your CV make you feel so confident, you actually expect to be called for an interview rather than hope for an interview?

Do you think that your CV leaves the reader with little doubt that you would be the best person for the job?

Does your CV, always get you the interview?

If you answered YES to all of these, then well done! Your CV, sounds like it’s dynamite already!

If however, you answered NO to any of these questions, then you’re climbing an uphill battle to get the interview and the job you want. I would love to help you! I have helped many others and I would love to help you too. 

Reasons for needing a CV Upgrade:

  • If you are a graduate and you don’t have alot of experience yet, you are going to need a CV which sells you as a person.
  • If you have been sending your CV out and not getting interviews, you are going to need to upgrade your CV to get you those all important interviews.
  • If you are changing career path, you are going to need a new C.V to make it more relevant to your new career.

Whatever your situation, having a CV which promotes and represents you and your talents gives you the confidence to apply for jobs that you want and to walk into any interview room knowing that you already created a connection with the people you are meeting. You should love your CV because it facilitates your dreams!

Having worked with Sharon, I have a great, thorough CV, which has certainly helped me to get job interviews. It also helped me to see my worth having my skillset written out succinctly before me. Sharon managed to extract my skills and help me to verbalise them.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who struggles to promote themselves. It is sometimes the hardest thing in the world to recognise your own skills yourself and sometimes we all need help in seeing that.

Sharon was really good at helping to identify what I actually do on a day-to-day basis and helped to put it into “CV” language and which proved that my skills are transferable to the market place and are valuable. I would not have achieved the same result on my own. Sharon is very honest and direct in her approach.

Claire S

Talent Management, London

I was introduced to Sharon by our common friend and it was such a great luck for me. I had no idea that I’m such a valuable worker until she put all experience in my CV 🙂 It looks amazing – the best thing, is that, as I was not sure for which position I will apply Sharon has created a couple of versions on the same CV with different accents on previous responsibilities. She works very fast, responses quickly and always happy to help with advice and to go extra mile for the client – very personal approach. I have already recommended her services to a couple of my friends and they are very happy with the result as well. I would definitely get back to her for future updates in my CV

Emma M

Fashion, Russia & Europe

A winning CV is all about understanding what the reader of the CV needs to know and saying it effectively so that when they read your CV, they actually sigh with relief that they’ve found someone great and that their search is not going to be a hard and arduous task after all. That’s what I mean when I tell people that your CV should be doing 70% of your interview for you. An exceptional CV already makes up the mind of the interviewer that you’re more than capable of doing the job and the interview is just to check you’re the real deal and that you’re a good team fit. Your CV should be getting you the job, the interview is just to strengthen the personal connection and reconfirm the trust.

If your CV is not doing this for you, then your CV is not doing it’s job. If you’re applying for jobs you don’t really want, then who cares right? But what about the job you have been waiting for to turn things around? What about your dream job that you’ve just seen advertised that becomes available only once in a blue moon? What about the change of direction you’re trying to take but are having the door slammed in your face?

This is not just a job, this is your life, your career and you deserve to get the job you want and you know you will be great at. All that is standing between you and that job is your CV and with my help you need not miss another great opportunity.

If you look at a job advert and think to yourself that your experience is not good enough to get you that interview, then think again. Even if your experience is not exactly what the advert says they want, with my help you will have an exceptional CV that can win you that interview.

I am dedicated to helping people get the life they want. Some people do this with me through coaching and healing and some through my CV service or Interview Preparation. Whichever the method, I love to be able to help you, because I want you to be happy in your work and your life. I believe in you and I can help you believe in yourself and your CV.

The Process

  1. You Send me your CV to review and assess.
  2. I will advise if we need a completely new CV or we can amend what you have.
  3. I will then send you a series of questions over email for you to answer as I create/update your CV.
  4. I will present a draft copy for you to check that I have accurately portrayed you and to make any tweaks.
  5. I will send you your Final CV in Pdf and Word Document for you to send out and get your dream job!

PRICE: £175

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