12 month Mastery Programme…Coming Soon!

I have created a  unique multi-dimensional programme for creating personal and business mastery… This is not a mere coaching programme! It includes techniques, concepts and tools that once mastered can be used for a lifetime. It’s 12 months of deep diving into who you are, what your contribution is, listening to and taking action on your inner wisdom and ensuring that you have crystal clear clarity on all parts of your yourself and your mission.I’m really looking forward to sharing this programme with you. It’s the culmination of everything I know and have experienced to help you really live the life you that is meant for you – i.e an amazingly rewarding, joyful life, experienced with ease and grace!I

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This 12 month programme will take you step-by-step through a process of self-discovery and self-mastery and create the foundation for success in your  whole life  including, work/purpose. I have created this unique programme for those of you who like me are very thorough! When I get excited about something I dive deep. I leave no stone un-turned. If I do something, I want to do it properly, so that I don’t have to go back and keep re-visiting the same thing over and over again. I want to knock the ball out of the ball-park and keep running! And like everything I offer, I always check everything myself before I offer it  – so yes, I myself have gone through this same process – I know it works, which is why I am sharing it!

Below is a monthly run-down – for a more detailed description of what to expect month-by-month get in touch!

  • Month 1 Activating Your Intuition (Knowing)

  • Month 2 Discovering your Motivation (Knowing)

  • Month 3 Essential De-stress of the body system ( Clearing & Restoring)

  • Month 4 Taking Back Your Power (Clearing & Restoring)

  • Month 5 Changing Beliefs (Clearing & Restoring)

  • Month 6 Reclaiming Self-Worth & Confidence (Restoring)

  • Month 7 Removal of Unseen Obstacles (Clearing)

  • Month 8 Coming into True Resonance (Restoring)

  • Month 9  Clarifying your purpose (Knowing & Aligned Action)

  • Month 10 Sharing Your Gift  by taking Clear Action (Aligned Action)

  • Month 11 Staying Conscious in Business ( Knowing & Aligned Action)

  • Month 12 Personal & Business Mastery (Knowing & Aligned Action)