12 month Mastery Programme…Coming Soon!

I have created a  unique multi-dimensional programme for creating personal and business mastery… This is not a mere coaching programme! It includes techniques, concepts and tools that once mastered can be used for a lifetime. It’s 12 months of deep diving into who you are, what your contribution is, listening to and taking action on your inner wisdom and ensuring that you have crystal clear clarity on all parts of your yourself and your mission.I’m really looking forward to sharing this programme with you. It’s the culmination of everything I know and have experienced to help you really live the life you that is meant for you – i.e an amazingly rewarding, joyful life, experienced with ease and grace!I

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This 12 month programme will take you step-by-step through a process of self-discovery and self-mastery and create the foundation for success in your work/purpose. I have created this unique programme for those of you who like me are very thorough! When I get excited about something I dive deep. I leave no stone un-turned. If I do something, I want to do it properly, so that I don’t have to go back and keep re-visiting the same thing over and over again. I want to knock the ball out of the ball-park and keep running! And like everything I offer, I always check everything myself before I offer it  – so yes, I myself have gone through this same process – I know it works, which is why I am sharing it!

Below is a monthly run-down followed by a more detailed description of what to expect month-by-month

  • Month 1 Activating Your Intuition (Knowing)

  • Month 2 Discovering your Motivation? (Knowing)

  • Month 3 Clarifying Your Purpose (Knowing)

  • Month 4 Taking Back Your Power (Clearing & Restoring)

  • Month 5 Changing Beliefs (Clearing & Restoring)

  • Month 6 Reclaiming Self-Worth & Confidence (Restoring)

  • Month 7 Removal of Unseen Obstacles (Clearing)

  • Month 8 Coming into True Resonance (Restoring)

  • Month 9 Taking Clear Action (Aligned Action)

  • Month 10 Sharing Your Gift (Aligned Action)

  • Month 11 Staying Conscious in Business ( Knowing & Aligned Action)

  • Month 12 Personal & Business Mastery (Knowing & Aligned Action)

Month 1 Activating Your Intuition (Knowing)

All transformation begins with awareness, so this is where we start!

Month 1 is all about being able to recognise guidance, receive it, trust it and utilise it. 

In order to feel safe to follow your intuition and guidance you need to understand where it comes from, why you can trust it and create experiences which provide the empirical data for this. Like any relationship you have to begin a dialogue between your mind, body, spirit and nurture the relationship; make friends with your intuition. And you need to create the optimal conditions for being able to have a conversation – in whatever form that conversation might take place – some of us feel it, others hear it, others see it. There are different ways intuition is communicated to us and we’ll explore all these different ways so that you are able to discern between true guidance and the ego pretending to be guidance.

If you have ever had doubts or regrets about following your intuition, this is going to be a thing of the past after this month- your intuition is going to be the best friend you have ever had.

Month 2 Discovering your Motivation? (Knowing)

Why is your dream your dream? Are you sure it’s your dream and not someone else’s? Why you? Why this dream/purpose and not another? Who is your purpose going to serve?

Month 2 is all about knowing who you are, why your purpose is perfect for you and who you are helping by following your path.

We delve into who you really are and why it’s a perfect fit for your purpose. We are going to do crucial shadow work to ensure that you don’t harbour or repress any doubts or thoughts that any part of you needs to be hidden in order to succeed. We need the whole of you to show up for your purpose. Time to make friends with your shadow. Don’t worry, I have a super fast way to do this!

Month 3 Clarifying Your Purpose (Knowing)

Do you have a dream? Is it clear or fuzzy?  Does your dream feel obtainable?

Month 3 is all about exploring your dreams for yourself, others, the planet.

Where does your dream come from? Is this your true purpose? Are you in alignment? Are you playing too small? What’s the ultimate goal of your work? We explore the answers to all these questions in detail. It’s really important that you are clear on what you want from the beginning. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people who waste valuable time and resources on a purpose or dream that is out of alignment and if there is one thing that 2018 is teaching us, it’s that in order to truly succeed, from now on, you’ve got to be in alignment. Your contribution is desperately needed and you need to get on and do the work you were born to do. We are going to get super clear on this. We will check in with your guidance so that you have 100% trust that the path is correct and clear.

If you were ever unsure. If you ever wanted clear confirmation of your path – this is the month you are going to get it! 

Month 4 Taking Back Your Power (Clearing & Restoring)

Do you even realise you have given your power away to concepts, people or situations? Did you know that you could take it back painlessly and easily? Are you aware that you could be living from a place of true power whereby you love unconditionally but that you are free of the limitations of others?

Month 4 is all about realising that whatever hurts the most is where you have given away your power.

If you have ever felt trapped by obligations, fear of others judgements or feel trapped by a situation or relationship then you’re going to love the freedom you’re going to experience this month!

Month 5 Changing Beliefs (Clearing & Restoring)

Many people think that their beliefs are theirs. They think that their beliefs can’t be changed – they are who they are and that who they is fixed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your beliefs come from your experiences, the people around you and your environment – mostly from when you were a kid. But you’re a grown-up now and many of the subconscious beliefs that you picked up really limit you and are counter-productive to what you want in life.

Month 5 is all about re-writing your old and unhelpful programming.

The good news is that if you know how to (and I do) you can change your beliefs quickly and painlessly. I trained in PSYCH-K but then as I started to use it with clients I realised that there was an ever quicker way to change beliefs and belief chains. So this month is going to be about identifying and removing the beliefs and limitations that sabotage you and replacing them with beautiful lovely shiny supportive ones!

If you have ever wondered why even though you want something with all your heart and you have wished, prayed, imagined, created a vision board, affirmed for something, but it just hasn’t showed up in your life, you’re going to be amazed how many junk beliefs were preventing this from showing up in your life. It’s going to be an eye-opener!

Month 6 Reclaiming Self-Worth & Confidence (Restoring)

This subject is one that is very close to my heart. Self-worth is not talked about much but it is an essential part of us that needs to be restored. Louise Hay, attributed the underlying cause of all illness to the subconscious belief of “I’m not enough” …. if this true restoring self-worth to it’s pristine true state is not optional it’s essential.

Month 6 is all about remembering the truth about yourself

We will be looking at the difference between self-worth and self-confidence and why without self-worth, confidence is just an act that is hollow, but when your self-worth is restored you will make better choices for yourself with knowing which automatically makes you more confident.

If you have ever felt like “fake it til you make it” sounded like bad advice, your intuition was spot on. You don’t have to fake anything when your self-worth is unconditionally restored, watch out world here you come!

Month 7 Removal of Unseen Obstacles (Clearing)

The unseen things which hold us back are by their very nature harder to deal with because, well, they are unseen (by most). In my experience ancestors/ family who have passed over and feel like they are helping when they are actually hindering are the usual culprits here. Or maybe you are carrying unresolved trauma from past lives. Or someone in this life is energetically corded to you and hold you back. Or something else!

Month 7 is all about learning about & removing all the ties that bind us.

The good news is that we will be able to identify and work with whatever unseen elements are limiting, sabotaging or holding you back from the things you want in life. The thing to remember here is that most of the time, the unseen obstacles are well-intentioned, so there is nothing to worry about, but we will gently resolve these so that they do not impact you in your life journey.

If you have ever felt that an unseen force seems to be block you whenever you try something, this will be your chance to resolve the past so that you can move forward and if ancestors are involved, help them too at the same time.

Month 8 Coming into True Resonance (Restoring)

I have coined the term “vibrational authenticity” which points to the recognition that we all have a unique frequency, we all have a certain level of consciousness and vibration. Because of all the external influences in our lives we often lose sight of our authentic/ original vibration. Restoring or re-aligning our mind, body and spirit to our “home” frequency is like pressing the re-set button.

Month 8 is all about coming into alignment with ease and grace.

People often talk about “coming into alignment” but if you don’t know what you’re aligning to, how do you know it’s right for you?! Knowing who we are, what our purpose is, what our path is and coming into resonance with these, creates a sense of clarity that provides a guiding light in all you do.

If you have ever wondered how someone “just knows” what’s right for them in a world of uncertainty, well you’re going to experience this clarity yourself. It means that you can start to really focus on what is meant for you and discern and eliminate from your life that which doesn’t resonate or takes you off your path. Ooh vibrational discernment, it’s such a joy!

Month 9 Taking Clear Action (Aligned Action)

Now that you’re an expert on your own knowing, you have exceptional clarity, it’s time to start taking aligned action that reflects everything that you have to offer. Time to make sure that your path, mission and vision are so familiar to you that it no longer feels like something “to do” but something that you are. This is where you hone your message, you can see your next steps and you take action that produces results.

Month 9 is all about getting clear and committed to your path

If you have ever lacked focus, direction or motivation, you’re going to get giddy with the amount of energy you are going to get from aligned action this month!

Month 10 Sharing Your Gift (Aligned Action)

This month is really to counter-act any wobbles that might come up once you start taking aligned action. Not actual wobbles, just the kind of wobbles that ego mind likes to throw in when it starts to notice it’s power diminishing.

Month 10 is all about standing in your power and openly sharing your gifts

We all need a bit of help to market ourselves authentically, to really understand that our gifts are unique, who we serve is important, we need to really recognise the importance of our service to others and commit to it.

If you have ever struggled with marketing yourself and your gifts, then this is where we banish the elevator pitch and replace it with high vibrational encounters. We learn that it’s not what you say, it’s what you emanate.

Month 11 Staying Conscious in Business (Knowing & Aligned Action)

Ever been on a course/workshop and you left feeling confident but over time your confidence slipped away, the tools fell to the wayside and well you don’t feel like you’ve lost the momentum now that you’re not in the environment of like-minded supportive beings?!

Month 11 is all about staying conscious in an unconscious world.

If you have ever run out of steam, allowed others to distract you from your path or your own intuition because it’s just been so hard to hold a high vibration in a low vibration world, then this month you’re going to learn the tools to stay true to your path and stay conscious, committed and focused!

Month 12 Personal & Business Mastery (Knowing & Aligned Action)

The world needs you. It needs your unique contribution. It needs you to show up and lead the way. You have everything that you need to be everything that you were meant to be. So let’s celebrate and shine bright! Let’s bring greater presence, love, peace, creativity, innovation and joy into the world. Let’s make our world something to be proud of.

Month 12 is all about commitment to the mastery skills that bring your best results for the highest good of all.

If you have ever wondered if this course would ever end?!  Well the end is here;it’s been 12 amazing months, but your journey continues, go forth with ease and grace and enjoy your wonderful life!