You can and may have read many books, listened to audios or watched videos on law of attraction, health, career paths, but this in itself doesn’t create the change you seek: you need to take consistent action and maintain a high vibration. This is really important because without fundamentally understanding why your vibration is important you can put alot of effort in and still not get what you want. It can be frustrating!

Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone one-on-one to clear your blocks, dissolve fears, get your subconscious to support your goals, teach you how to raise your vibration, teach you how to manifest/create your own reality, to help you to activate your inner knowing to the point where it becomes your main guiding force, to support you as you take courageous action towards your dreams and to help you to understand more deeply the underlying spiritual principles that underpin it all?

I would recommend Sharon to anyone that has a goal and wants their own personal cheerleader, coach and friend to help them achieve it.


Terry Bowen


Desperately wanting something in your life to change, doesn’t create it.

You may be passionate about wanting or needing something in your life, but that’s not manifestation – it’s just wanting.

If you want change there is only one person on this Earth who can create it – you! So, there is some internal work to be done and some important spiritual principles for you to understand and incorporate. You have to learn how to walk your talk!

The ability to manifest is simple in principle (we do it every single second of the day!), but its not always so easy in practice when it’s something you care about deeply and want passionately. That’s where I come in. I offer you, from my own experience and my own unique combination of tools/skills to help you to manifest all the amazing stuff that you know would make your life fulfilled.


Within all the services I offer, there are 3 underlying and connected themes – recognising your power in your own life, manifestation facilitation and bringing you back to vibrational authenticity. But what exactly is involved? How do we do this?

I am a coach, medical and spiritual intuitive, Quantum Touch certified Practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator and Reiki Master, and I use this special combination to help bring you back into alignment with your true self, health and true path so that you can truly shine with confidence and success in everything you do!

It doesn’t matter what it is that you would love to have for yourself; perfect health, a loving relationship, a career you find fulfilling and is financially stable, or something else (or all of them!), being able to create the life you want to have and explore  the person you are destined to be is what we all want for ourselves. My life purpose is to assist you with this!


I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to my work. I like to blend in tools, techniques and philosophies from the worlds of psychology, EFT (tapping) and spirituality. If I’ve tried it and it works, then I’ll incorporate it into our work together. I’m always learning and I share what works, so you can benefit from the latest tools and techniques!


We’re moving out of a phase of learning about spirituality from books and trying to understand our spiritual selves using our intellect and mind and instead we’re moving into an experiential phase. For too long people have talked about manifesting, but it’s time to start experiencing and harnessing our creative powers.


If offer this through the services I offer. You can ask for a combination of services in a custom-made package for you or if you want to try just one of the modalities that’s fine too… ask your own internal wisdom if what I offer will help you and if you get a nudge/ yes, then …

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