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If you are reading this, I know that you’re special. Very Special.

How do I know? Because, I only work with people who have a huge heart and a deep capacity and yearning to love and help others.

I’m very lucky, my clients, like you, are truly lovely people. You really could not meet a more loving, kind, giving, generous, compassionate bunch of souls.

That’s why I call my clients “angels” because they are special in the way they sincerely and heart-fully want to help others and help the world to be a better place.

But life hasn’t been easy for most of my clients and so this is why I am dedicated to helping them to succeed! I too feel the need to help others.

I understand how tough it’s been so far, I really do. And that’s why I care so much about your happiness, health and success. I truly believe you deserve the recognition for who you are and what you offer others.

Here are some others things my clients tend to share in common, see if you recognise yourself here too:

* Difficult family dynamics and childhoods

* They have always felt that they were different to other people, they don’t feel like they “belong” anywhere fully,

* Most have suffered some kind of mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse in their younger formative years

* They long to be loved and appreciated in the way that they love and appreciate others

* The difficult times have lead to a growing interest in spirituality, healing or manifestation

* They have a yearning to “help and/or teach people” even if they are not sure how

* They feel compelled to reach for something better for themselves even though their life experiences have  left them with fears, doubts and lacking confidence to change their circumstances

* They know they are meant to be doing something meaningful and purposeful with their lives but they are held back by family commitments or expectations

* They wish for a loving, healthy long-term romantic relationship but health issues, family commitments or the pain of past relationships has prevented them from pursing this.

* They want to pursue a path of helping others or healing but they are afraid of “being seen” and standing out, because doing so in the past has lead to hurt and pain. But the pain of “not being seen” has started to feel equally uncomfortable.


If you recognise yourself in this description then you and I are a match made in Heaven! (Literally).

I made the promise in this lifetime to help lovely souls like you, to get clear on your path and purpose so that you can fulfil your potential and help others . I’m here to help you because if you succeed, you can help more people and if you can help more people, before you know it, we’ll be living in a happier, healthier, fairer and thriving world… and isn’t that what we all want?!

You’re special in the way and how much you care for others (you really are!) and you have special gifts, so it’s important that you work with someone who understands your history and what you want for yourself. But even more importantly, helps you along your path not in a way that feels uncomfortable to you, but which feels really right and is uniquely tailored to you.

If you resonate with me, then know that you can trust me implicitly with your deepest thoughts, fears and dreams (and you don’t even need to verbalise them most of the time because I already understand them).

We’re on a mission together to help the planet and share our gifts. It’s a beautiful job but it’s tiring sometimes.That’s why we have each other – to lift each other up.

If you’re a light worker, healer or feel called to work in a helping profession, or are just the go-to-person that everyone comes to for advice or help, you assume that people give as much as you do.

You’re a natural giver, you want to help others but you want to do it your way, with integrity, without losing who you are and by offering your work without ego but from a genuine place of heart. I get it, me too! That’s why, it took me a while to figure out how to best help you! I had to help me first so that I could walk the path first and help you from what I have learnt! I struggled for too long trying to do things other people’s way.

I do what I do, so that you can do the invaluable work that you do.

I offer you my services as my way of love and appreciation for you and what you do for others. I’d love to help you create the life you deserve, by doing what you love and having others appreciate your contribution and enjoying all that life has to offer! It’s all available to you, you’ve just gotta play at life your own way and no-one elses.