• If you have been searching for your life purpose but it still eludes you and you long to get clarity so that you can get out there and make it happen- Then you are in the right place! Congratulations! You are only a few steps away from having the clarity that you seek!
  • If you have already found your life purpose but it’s not brought you the success, financial rewards or impact that you had hoped for – Then you are in the right place! Congratulations! You are only a few steps away from having your alignment to your true purpose checked and adjusted to get you back on track!
  • If you have a business helping others, but the business has got a bit stuck, the money is drying up and your enthusiasm has started to wane – Then you are in the right place! Congratulations! You are only a few steps away from having your business strategy assessed, business values re-aligned and your mission become revitalised!

Sharon Lawson

is a gifted spiritual intuitive/channel, life purpose coach, business impact mentor, manifestation teacher and healer whose greatest joy is to help others to succeed.

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 Welcome to the Angel Within You Wonderfully Talented and Beautiful You!

You are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time!

But of course you know that!


Sharon’s approach is gentle and intuitive, she has the knack of figuring out what it is a person might really want without them having put it into words. Anita Chaudhuri

Psychologies Magazine

I’m Sharon Lawson and it is my greatest joy to help heart-centred businesses and talented people like you, get clear on their purpose,  vision, mission, business values and to really live and work in alignment with the highest vision of themselves and their businesses.

You’ve got AMAZING skills and BRILLIANT ideas and you want to share them with the world – I get it!

You really want your business to have IMPACT and SHARE YOUR VISION for a healthier, happier, fairer world – I get it!

You really do have a UNIQUE slant on things, you want to make a VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION to your field and you have a lot to offer your clients – I can tell you are PASSIONATE!

You like to do things YOUR OWN WAY – I can tell that you have lots of idea about how to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY – me too!

And I really want to help you do all of this and more!

I am able to accurately pinpoint your life purpose, career path and potential to give you crystal clear direction and clarity and we are going to get you and your work the recognition it deserves!

And we’ll do it with STYLE AND INTEGRITY! AND…. Of  course lots of laughs along the way!

Got the Skills to pay the bills

Sharon is trained as a Coach with CTI, a Reiki Master, a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, a certified Numerologist and PSYCH-K Facilitator.

Live Your Purpose

Do you feel like you are meant to be doing something else? Would you be happier and healthier if you just knew what you were MEANT to be doing ? But What is it?!! Are you ready to find out ….

Get Answers!

Are you frustrated by a lack of answers to the big questions in your life? I offer a 2 hour intensive consultation to get answers to those burning questions….

Change Your Beliefs

PSYCH-K is a quick way to re-program your subconscious mind so that your beliefs support your conscious choices rather than fights them…  

Heal Your MBS

Together we can raise your vibration so that you can heal physical, emotional, psychological or past-life issues, gain clarity and dissolve blocks….  

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I know what it’s like to be searching for someone who understands you and you believe can really help you in the way you need it. Trust your intuition. If we’re a good fit, you’ll feel it. If it feels right, get in touch….