If you are reading this, I know that you’re special. Very Special.

How do I know? Because, I only work with people who have a huge heart and a deep capacity and yearning to love and help others.

I’m very lucky, my clients are truly lovely people. You really could not meet a more loving, kind, giving, generous, compassionate bunch of souls.

That’s why I call them “angels” because they are always thinking of and putting others ahead of themselves.

Unfortunately though, their kind and generous natures often lead them to feel  drained, ill, exhausted, confused, unappreciated, a bit lonely, angry and frustrated too.

Here are some others things my clients tend to share in common, see if you recognise yourself here too:

* Difficult family dynamics and childhoods

* They have always felt that they were different to other people, they don’t feel like they “belong” anywhere fully,

* Most have suffered some kind of mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse in their younger formative years

* They long to be loved and appreciated in the way that they love and appreciate others

* The difficult times have lead to a growing interest in spirituality, healing or manifestation

* They have a yearning to “help and/or teach people” even if they are not sure how

* They feel compelled to reach for something better for themselves even though their life experiences have  left them with fears, doubts and lacking confidence to change their circumstances

* They know they are meant to be doing something meaningful and purposeful with their lives but they are held back by family commitments or expectations

* They wish for a loving, healthy long-term romantic relationship but health issues, family commitments or the pain of past relationships has prevented them from pursing this.

* They want to pursue a path of helping others or healing but they are afraid of “being seen” and standing out, because doing so in the past has lead to hurt and pain. But the pain of “not being seen” has started to feel equally uncomfortable.


If you recognise yourself in this description then you and I are a match made in Heaven! (Literally).

I made the promise in this lifetime to restore lovely souls like you, to your true radiance and vibration. I’m here to help you.

You’re special in the way and how much you care for others (you really are!) and you have special gifts, so it’s important that you work with someone who understands your history and what you want for yourself.

If you resonate with me, then know that you can trust me implicitly with your deepest thoughts, fears and dreams (and you don’t even need to verbalise them most of the time because I already understand them).

We’re on a mission together to help the planet and end suffering. It’s a beautiful job but it’s tiring sometimes.That’s why we have each other – to lift each other up.

If you’re a light worker, healer or feel called to work in a helping profession, or are just the go-to-person that everyone comes to for advice or help, you assume that people give as much as you do.

You’re a natural giver. You do it, most of the time, willingly. That’s just you. The way you care and love others is who you are, but not everyone is like you in this way.

You’re very special in the way and how much you give to those around you.

It makes you invaluable in the lives of others.

But, often there is one person you neglect to look after so diligently. You. And specifically, your Angel Within. Your Inner Angel.

Your inner light that guides you to help others needs to be re-charged, re-balanced, cleared of junk (that you’ve picked up along the way that’s not yours) and re-directed every once in a while so that you can continue to do the invaluable work that you do.

I offer you my services as my way of love and appreciation for you and what you do for others. I’d love to help you make your life easier, more joyful, healthy and vibrant so that you can be the shining light that you need to be for others.

Sharon’s approach is gentle and intuitive, she has the knack of figuring out what it is a person might really want without them having put it into words.

Anita Chaudhuri

Psychologies Magazine

Sharon Lawson

is a gifted channel, psychic, empath, medical and spiritual intuitive, coach,healer and teacher, whose greatest joy is to help others to be happy, healthy and successful.

She is trained as a coach with CTI, a Reiki Master, a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, a certified Numerologist and PSYCH-K Facilitator. The way Sharon works is unique. Her connection with spirit allows her to accurately pinpoint what is needed to heal, bring the mind, body, spirit system into harmony and alignment and give direction and clarity.

The beautiful souls she works with are not just clients to her but whom she sees as “angels” who are here to do vital work to heal, alleviate suffering and raise the consciousness of the planet.

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